The president of Apple, describes the Google Search on that search engine ” best “

Tim Cook

I’ve always bragged Apple how important it is to respect the privacy of its customers, which is why some have questioned the company’s decision to accept billions of dollars from Google to show Google Search is the search engine default in your browser Safari, and this is decided CEO of Apple, Mr. Tim Cook to deal with it now.

During an interview with Axios on HBO, said Mr. Tim Cook that one of the reasons is the fact that Google Search is the search engine ” best ” in the market currently. As mentioned how the browser Safari includes many of the controls that are intended to maintain the privacy of its users. According to Mr. Tim Cook, has stated by saying : ” I think that Google Search is best search engine. Look at what we did with the controls that we have created. We offer safe and secure browsing the web. We have mechanisms to prevent intolerance. What we tried to do is to invent ways to help our users throughout the day. This is not a perfect thing. I’ll be the first person to say it, but it makes us go a long way towards providing assistance “.

It is true that the browser Safari has built-in features that prevent ad companies from tracking users on different web sites. Has this angered the water many companies specializing in the advertising industry, noting that it cost her millions of dollars. However, it should be noted that Apple is not alone in this, other companies such as Opera and Mozilla include features similar to protect the privacy of its users while browsing using the browser.

While there are other browsers focus more on privacy, such as DuckDuckGo, it is hard to deny that when it comes to searching on the web, it is difficult to overcome the search engine Google Search at the moment.


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