The president of Epic confirms that the exclusive is the only way to face the Steam store!


Owe platform need personal credit for the grand Steam digital revival of the video games on them, and after that deteriorated during the last generation in the shades of the intense competition of the home appliance. Despite that, I entered another company on the line and is a company of Epic Games with her store, digital and funded by the company Tencent and Chinese, and that you want to threaten the throne of the Steam store and provide greater profits for publishers and developers.

Tim Sweeney president of the company Epic faces many of the reactions differentiated and criticism about the car’s exclusive follow Epic digital, and I don’t doubt that a company Epic is doing its best in providing the maximum amount of exclusive games to compete with Steam, but what is the reason for the focus on this policy? Well, according to tweets new from Tim Sweeney, the policy of exclusive this is the only way in his opinion, to compete with the Steam store on the PC. Which will have an impact on the video game industry as a whole.

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