The president of Intel: we have to abandon the mindset of the company that owns 90% of the market wizards!


It seems that Intel is not entirely happy the way they run the company internally, and that probably led to allow for a competitor such as AMD to record a strong return to the market of processors and to increase its market share, given that Intel owns 90% share of this market in recent years, this is in addition to the intense competition experienced by the company in other areas. Police Chief Bob Swan said that he wants to destroy this way of thinking:

We think that we we share 30% of the market of silicon which reaches its size to $ 230 million, which we believe will reach 300 million during the next four years. In fact, I want to destroy the thinking that we have a share of 90% (from market wizards) within the company because I think that this is happening to our thinking.

We do not agree with some transfer of technology, and we waste opportunities because we are keen to protect the share of 90% rather than looking to the market is much larger and more creative

And talk to bob about the market of the graphic cards and the chip market the artificial intelligence and struck by the example of the markets can Intel to perform better to increase the market share of silicon wafers.

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