The president of Square Enix thinks about the subscription service for the classic games of the company

Matsuda SE

Through a new interview with the magazine Game Informer America, comes “Ussery Matsuda” the president of the company Square in the Japanese Comments new interesting put up when he was asked about police Games classic and re-released.

Matsuda confirmed that Square Inc has an internal project for the transfer of her classic to modern platforms, and they work on it constantly, however, the company faced the problem of loss software some of the older titles.

It’s the most interesting is the confirmation of Matsuda that the Square in thinking to provide its own service either as a subscription or platform to download games exclusive to the addresses of the company’s classic, and no doubt to Squire in companies that have in the quiver of her enormous toll of the particular games and they combine versions of the company Square Soft and company in before the merger. Matsuda noted that this is what other companies are doing, such as Bethesda, which recently announced its own service, for example.

Matsuda also confirmed that the company has lost a number of special software are old, teachers are wondering why didn’t the police sometimes release this title or that, and the fact that the original software of the game missing. An address that is not defined by Matsuda, it was restored by one of the programmers who left the company and that he has programmed the game on a personal computer of my own.

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