The prevalence of frauds on the work of Libra on Facebook

With that a Libra will not be available to users by next year, however, started many accounts and pages and groups springing up on Facebook to say preying on the users about this action, where claim that they sell at discounted prices.

In recent years, spread widely frauds associated with digital currency, so I wasn’t ready to be Facebook also the theme of the celebration.

Used many of those pages, accounts, groups, graphical images and figures download official logo Facebook logo or work or even a photo of the executive director of the company Mark Zuckerberg. It is also designed for videos advertising a fake show where Zuckerberg is touting for claims that there are a number of currencies will be at a discount to investors first.

As to some of the pages promoting sites bearing domain names to encourage the purchase of currency was designed to convince the user that he can buy tokens to work, while there are other pages still under development or are just booking the name of the exploitation of the future.

For its part, said on Facebook that they have removed all of the pages, accounts, groups, and backup, as they removed the ads violate the policies of Facebook, the company is working continuously to improve the accuracy of identify fraud and prevent it as much as possible.

Worth noting that Facebook is not the only place that spread out the pages and accounts of the occupation on the work of the Libres, but also appeared accounts on Twitter and YouTube channels and even websites names ranges of similar work or portfolio care.

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