The previous version of the game Bloons TD is now available on the store Google Play

الإصدار السادس من لعبة Bloons TD متاح الآن على متجر قوقل بلاي

Been 6 years exactly since the launch of the fifth version of the game adventure Bloons TD on the store Google Play, so you can imagine that’s a long time to launch the previous version, generally announced Ninja Kiwi and formally launched the previous version of the game Bloons TD on store Google Play.

In relation to the idea of the game you are without you saying to the defence of balloons as is the case with the previous versions, it seems the question is the price of the game, where they were put 4.99$ so you can play them, also included elements buy suite through its buy elements accelerate your progress, but mainly these purchases are not really necessary for your success basically.

In relation to this version has been fixed the graphics are great, and add animated elements New, as well as some impressive visual effects, and evaluation of three-dimensional elements, with a marked improvement on the two-dimensional graphics, as well as having 20 new map, with a single-player mode and excellent for city and air travel during your experience of the game.

Any user looking for a deep experience filled with a lot of options traders should be happy with this version, because upgrade dozens and paths separate, finally there is no word now to provide the game on the other system iOS, but it will come in the later times, now to experience the game Bloons TD 6 you downloaded from here.

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