The price of Bitcoin exceed $ 7,000 at its highest level since 9 months

The price of the digital currency encrypted “Bitcoin” Monday to exceed $ 7,000, bringing the total to its highest level against the dollar in nearly nine months.

The bitcoin has reached a record high after that, amounting to more than $ 19,000 dollars in the month of December 2017, before dropping quickly to below the 3,100 dollars in the month of December 2018. Since then, the currency began experiencing a slow recovery.

The price of Bitcoin exceed $ 7,000 at its highest level since 9 months

Today the price of Bitcoin increased by 2.4% to 7,350 $ in exchange “Queen Bess” Coinbase; after rising by 14% on Saturday, which is the second-largest jump of the daily return during the current year, as this price is the highest since the beginning of last August.

The price of bitcoin has reached last Thursday more than $ 6,000, the highest level since 15 November last.

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The reason for the high price of bitcoin to the increasing interest by institutional investors in the currency. As you will start a financial services company of America “Fidel my Investments” Fidelity Investments by allowing customers to purchase and sale of crypto-currencies, as reported by Bloomberg earlier in the month of May. Have begun to other platforms for analysis, such as: “Robin Hood” Robinhood, already in currency trading encrypted.

However, the trading environment of crypto-currencies still face the problem that make the future blurry. He stole a pirate last Tuesday 7,000 bitcoin; or the equivalent of US $ 40 million of “between the Bachelor” Binance, which is one of the largest platforms exchange in the world.

Referred to to worry about security breaches, and uncertainty development is among the reasons for the lack of Hamas prevails in coins digital.

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