The price of Bitcoin will rise because miners of cryptocurrencies. A positive forecast of economists

On Monday, Hasrat Bitcoin once again set a new record. According to the service, the total computing power of the devices in the network of bitcoin has reached 82.5 of eksegesis per second. Renowned economist and former trader Max Keiser believes that the price of BTC will necessarily repeat the upward movement of the graph it Hasrat. In other words, the growth Hasrat will follow the growth rate of Bitcoin.

This morning, Bitcoin was trading at 10 dollars 202. For the past day, its value fell by 5.44 percent. At the first cryptocurrency accounts for 68.9 percent of the total market capitalization of the coins.

The reason for the growth of Bitcoin

Kaiser said that Hasrat Bitcoin grows throughout its history. Stable uptrend on the chart processing power combined with a global increase in the prices of cryptocurrencies. In other words, against the background of a new record Hasrat investors can count on a rise in price of BTC.

The main argument of the expert — more than machines working on the confirmation of the transaction, the more secure the Bitcoin network. This is true because the higher Hasrat, the more resources need to be spent by hackers to commit a 51% attack. The forecast of the Kaiser is based solely on the previous growth of Bitcoin and Hasrat for many years. In fact he says that has already happened, and hoped it would continue.

And now about the attack 51 percent, the protection of which has affected Max. As you can tell from the title, the capture of 51 percent of computing power of the network the attacker additional opportunities: for example, he can use the coins twice.

In this case the fraudster will not have access to the wallets of users, and he will not be able to draw coins out of the air or add a few numbers to balance the individual. We wrote about the truth and myths of attacks on the blockchain in the article “Destroying kryptonite: mining pools without any problems stealing the coins and 51% attack — time to spit”, be sure to read.

But the tweet of max, where he voiced his version.

There is also the opposite view — that the words of the Kaiser thinks Mikhail Korolev, founder of the online 2Биткоина and mining-pool 2Miners.

As for me, Hasrat follow course. Miners always run to where they pay more, and pay more where the above course. That is more of Hasrat network will increase following the growth in the value of the coins than the rate magically increases due to the large computational power of miners.

But then the experts have to remember the failures of the BSV and BCH, the production of which for the year is less than mining Bitcoins per day. Digging them was not profitable, everything is automatically switched to Bitcoin and that the growth of Hasrat.

It’s funny, but while the forecast of experts the increase in Hasrat network of Bitcoin is coming true. We will remind, according to preliminary estimates, by the end of this year, the computing power of all devices in the network will jump one and a half times what mining BTC is a nightmare. Competition for the new unit will be even higher and harder.

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