The price of the next-generation Xbox will be more competitive


When Microsoft announced for the first time on Xbox One, surprised a lot of people when the company unveiled that this device will be more than the device rival the Playstation 4. However, Microsoft tried to justify it by attaching a terminal Kinect with the machine, but she had company in the end reduce the price.

However, he allowed the difference in price to buy Sony to get an advantage early, this is a mistake you don’t want Microsoft to repeat it. During an interview with website Eurogamer during an event XO19 in the British capital London, the chief executive of the Department Xbox at Microsoft, Mr. Phil Spencer what you did wrong Microsoft in the pricing of the Xbox One, stated that the company certainly will not repeat that again.

According to Phil Spencer, has stated by saying : ” I would say, from the launch of the Xbox One, I have certainly learned that price and not having enough power is not something great. Will be price and performance are important, we focus heavily on these two things “. He added : ” If you remember during the launch of the Xbox One, they have been more expensive at about 100$ and less power. So, I wouldn’t be in this position. No doubt about it “.

However, no one knows how much will be the pricing of the Xbox or Playstation 5 in the meantime. We know that both devices are currently under development, but has not been confirmed near official yet.


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