The price of the phone Xperia XZ3 drop to 499€ in Germany ahead of the launch of the Xperia XZ4

Xperia XZ3

Will Sony announce the Xperia XZ4 at the Mobile World Congress MWC 2019 to be held next week in Barcelona, Spain. As a result, it is not surprising to see the price of the phone Xperia XZ3, which was launched in the second half of the Year last fall.

This is exactly what happened in Germany, it began to e-store the local Saturn selling phone Xperia XZ3 now for 499 Euros only. For comparison, it has been priced this phone at around 799 euros when it was launched in the second half of last year, although it has been reduced its price later to 769 euros. But its current price is the lowest since it was launched, so it seems that there is a need to get rid of inventory before the advent of phone Xperia XZ4.

Phone Xperia XZ3 is still a good deal, it has OLED screen, curved sides, and a front camera accurately 13 megapixels and background accurately 19 megapixels able to shoot videos in FullHD slow motion rate of 960 frames per second, as well as the RAM size of 4GB, and internal memory size of 64GB, battery capacity of 3300mAh. Moreover, it comes preloaded with Android 9 Pie.


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