The price of the Playstation 5 will be ” attractive players“, according to Sony

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Obviously, price was one of the key things that contributed to the superiority of Playstation 4 over Xbox One in terms of sales. Has Microsoft priced the Xbox One at a higher price by about$ 100 to have emerged that include peripheral Kinect with the device, but it turns out later that it wasn’t enough to convince consumers to purchase the device instead of the Playstation 4.

The company later Microsoft reduced the price of the Xbox One, but it was too late to do so before. This shows that in such a competitive market, may not be offered more sometimes good enough, this is definitely something you put Sony in mind. According to the journalist Peter Rubin of the magazine Wired, has revealed that during the interview with the responsible for the software in Sony, Mr. Mark Cerny, the price of the Playstation 5 coming.

According to Mark Cerny, and he was quoted as saying : ” I think we’ll be able to be released at a suggested retail price which will be attractive to players in light of the advanced features it offers “. Was this part of the interview, which revealed where Mr. Mark Cerny about some details about the next generation of Playstation.

When pressed to clarify whether this means that the Playstation 5 will be more expensive than the Playstation 4 but it may be worth it due to the features I developed which it provides, has rejected Mr. Mark Cerny to dive into the details. Most likely you did not specify the price of the Playstation 5 yet by Sony, so we believe that we will have to wait just at the moment.

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