The price of your bitcoins will be irrelevant in 5 years. The analyst

More than a year ago, Bitcoin started to significantly SAG. Since then, investors have put a lot of effort in trying to find the bottom. Some have tried to compensate for the decline of measured and consistent growth of the savings in BTC. Others have approached this process is not entirely rational, selling and re-buying the coins on the emotions. However, an analyst named Josh Rager argues that over the next 5 years will be it does not matter, you bought BTC for 1800 or 3400 dollars.

As the Rager wrote in response to a tweet The Crypto Dog of the day Bitcoin, because BTC has already lost 85 percent from a historic high of 5.7 percent following the weather will do. In other words, now to find the bottom is pointless, even if the market will go down further. We will remind, not so long ago Rager wrote on Twitter that 2019 might be the last year when the middle class can afford to buy a whole BTC.

Most likely, this optimism reflects the opinion of many bulls who are confident in the exponential growth of Bitcoin in the coming years. The other day Jesse Lund from IBM saidthat by the end of this year, BTC can grow up to 5 thousand dollars, and in the long term cannot be ruled out and mark a million dollars. Especially given the growing interest on the part of institucionales.

By the way, is not the only bullish forecasts, but most of them prefer to be limited to seven figures. For example, the co-founder Poolin Zhu FA wrote to his followers on WeChat, that already in the near future the price of the coin will jump up to 738 thousand dollars. The fall stops when the coin will lose 90 percent of their historic highs. Recall, this pool accounted for 11 percent Hasrat Bitcoin.

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