The primacy of Apple’s property electrocardiogram EKG in smart devices bogus claim

أسبقية آبل لخاصية التخطيط الكهربائي للقلب EKG في الأجهزة الذكية إدعاء زائف

Apple launched at its conference last Wednesday, its smart Apple Watch from the fourth series and the specificities of the new specification, and perhaps more attention being has the property of conducting electric layout to EKG, where they claimed the manager of the company’s operations Jeff Williams, to H they are the first to own this property and with the approval of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), but this is not true crass Mastercard mobile of AliveCor may already have Apple TV in this regard.

It was the first appearance of this device in 2014 and raise it to the back of the smartphone to measure the electrical impulses of the heart, and also on the quality of the FDA to thoroughly allegations of Apple this time being the first always for what’s new.

But can be considered the first company for to expand the use of this Smart Reader, its huge popularity between the users of smart watches, they are the first hour universally prevalent and straightforward, in addition to the proportion of confidence and satisfaction associated with on the performance of the company’s products by users around the world, providing such a feature in the Apple Watch will be more comfortable for those interested in tracking heart health from using the device solo career mobile.

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