The problem in some phones OnePlus Pro 7 show the pressure of the dummy on the screen

مشاكل في بعض هواتف ون بلس برو 7 تُظهر ضغطات وهمية على الشاشة

Doubt many of the owners of the last version phones OnePlus company of their choice to watch at the screens of their phones OnePlus Pro 7, where the problem lies in the appearance of compression of random on the screen of the phone in the case of multiplayer; as if someone did light his finger on the screen at the time when the phone away from the user’s hand as the following video shows that he shared one of the owners of the phone offering in the market:

Although the phone offers excellent features compared with rivals in the market and at a price satisfactory also, however, this problem may greatly affect the client’s confidence in the product, knowing that the problem does not seem a companion for all phones OnePlus Pro 7 .

The company said the OnePlus they pay this issue attention after standing on the causes, seeking to solve them, with the hope to be the cell not being programmed lies resolved to attach some of the updates to the phone owner’s first OLED display with a frequency of 90 hertz in a second.

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