The proceeds of Microsoft in the previous quarter grew by 17%

Microsoft company

Microsoft has unveiled today its financial results for the fourth quarter of its fiscal year ending last June, the company saw growth in revenue by 17 percent compared with last year to 30.1 billion USD.

The growth of the company’s operating income increased by 35% to approximately $ 10.4 million with net income of $ 8.9 million. This translates to a profit of us $ 1.14 per share. Regardless, it has brought Microsoft $ 5.3 million to shareholders in the fourth quarter of its fiscal year, through dividends and share buybacks.

Have seen most of the sections of the Microsoft a significant growth in profits note that the majority of those sections growth consists of two numbers. The following are some of them:

  • Department of Productivity and Business Processes achieved revenues of $ 9.7 million ( up 13% )
  • Department Office products and cloud services grew 10 percent thanks to Office 365 and LinkedIn
  • Department of Intelligent Cloud achieved revenues of $ 9.6 billion USD ( an increase of 23% )
  • The section servers and cloud services has grown by 26%, thanks to Azure
  • The Windows partition OEM achieved a growth rate of 7%
  • Section Windows products commercial cloud services has grown by 23%
  • The games section has grown by 39% thanks to Xbox
  • Hardware division consumer goods has grown by 25% thanks to Surface devices
  • Department of search and advertising grew 17%



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