The proceeds of the apple of wearable devices will exceed its revenue from the Mac and iPad by the year 2020


According to a new report, it seems the proceeds of the Apple sales of wearable devices that include the AirPods and the Apple Watch price will exceed the company’s revenue from sales of personal computers and tablets by the end of next year.

Although Apple does not publicly disclose the amount of proceeds received by organs of the disposable wearable computing devices, has made clear the foundation of the Above Avlon specialized in market research, they expect it based on the model of the company’s financial data total sales. According to Neil Cybart, it appears that Apple managed to 70 million units of wearable devices during the year, and this section is growing at a rate that ranges between 55 percent and 60 percent on an annual basis. In terms of total sales, has become the wearable devices now account for one out of five products it sells Apple.

Provides a headphones AirPods wireless in particular of 80 percent. And benefit Apple also prices associated with each of the AirPods and the Apple Watch.

Moreover, given the amount of change in revenue between the second quarter of 2018 and third quarter of this year, analysts believe that the wearable devices of the Apple is ranked third after the services division, which reported revenues of 1.2 billion USD. Moving forward in this report, it is expected to strengthen Apple’s control over the market of wearable devices thanks to the user base is enormous and its popularity.

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