The process of deconstruction reveals that it has become a little easy now fix MacBook Air 2020

MacBook Air 2018

If there was criticism of the level of electronic devices modern, is that it is not easy to repair in the raid. This comes as a result of many factors, such as cracking down on repair shops, informal, and encourage customers to upgrade instead of repair, as well as the desire to reduce the size of everything, which complicates the process of removing the plug.

Not repair Apple products easier than ever, but according to the process of dismantling the MacBook Air 2020 new, it seems that Apple made some improvements on the interior design for the laptop to be easy to reform a little bit. Although it won’t be easy to fix it, but that the changes will make it less difficult.

According to the dismantling process conducted by the iFixit team, specialized in the dismantling of the devices, it indicates that the changes made by Apple on the design of the interior make the computer easier to repair compared with the previous model. One of the changes covered by the new interior design is re-routing the cable the trackpad which makes access to the trackpad and battery more easily. Moreover, it has been also use many of the components such as the fan, speakers and ports, making it easy to replace them individually, while accessible, also.

In general, the record of the MacBook Air 2020 new 4 out of 10 in the index of reform, the result is still very low, but, as the iFixit team, it is improved compared with the previous model. We believe that Apple will much prefer it if customers took their laptops to their stores to be fixed, but these changes that will help repair shops, informal in the repair of your laptop.


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