The process of dismantling the AirPods Pro reveal more details about the design of the headset Apple

Conducted site iFixit dismantling process issue Apple new headphones wireless AirPods Pro, which revealed some of the details in the design of the wireless speaker, as it emphasized the process of disassembly on the difficulty of the process of reform of the headset Apple wireless.

In the process of dismantling the iFixit website for the Apple wireless AirPods Pro that came the design of supports to isolate the noise, revealed the details of the design of the wireless speaker, which features a design was committed lacks for peaceful change parts wireless speaker.

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No different design of the headset Apple new AirPods Pro gas repair power version of Apple previous AirPods, which confirmed the process of dismantling the headset AirPods Pro that comes at the price of 249 dollars, to be analyzed and the battery in the speaker will damage the speaker permanently.

It is planned to have user choice in the case of damage to the battery in the headset AirPods Pro send headphones to buy Apple for recycling.

As revealed of the dismantling process of some other details, including that the new headset comes with a weight heavier than the headset Apple original AirPods, due to the noise cancellation technology in the headset wireless, microphone internal speaker.

Also referred website iFixit noted that the only part of the irreplaceable in the wireless speaker is the end of the phone designed from Silicon, but they come with special design does not comply with the alternatives to source from other companies, but is expected to offer alternatives consistent with the design of the Apple soon.

The battery inside each side of the headset AirPods Pro design try battery an hour Apple smart, which is the same batteries that offer of Samsung headset Galaxy Buds, which supports the replacement, while featuring card headset AirPods Pro design installed you cannot remove it.


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