The process of dismantling the Huawei P30 Pro reveal the number of the American Library used in the phone

Huawei P30 Pro

If the trade war ongoing between the United States and China make people wonder about the extent of their impact on Huawei, but the news agency Nikkei Asian Review went further than that. Reviewed the agency briefing process of dismantling the detailed phone Huawei P30 Pro to detect the number of components made in the United States used in the phone. The answer is 15 component only of the total 1631 component, but they represent 16.3% of the total cost of production.

The reason behind its high cost, although few in number is a memory chip random DRAM that was manufactured by the firm Micron, an American company that is headquartered in Ohio. This is where the second most expensive in the phone Huawei P30 Pro after the OLED display is manufactured by a company BOE of China. There is also a component of the two additional semiconductor was manufactured followed by U.S. companies Skyworks and Qorvo, while the circuits of the integrated electronic ( IC ) is a joint venture between American companies and Japanese.

Reveal the process of deconstruction also that Huawei used the processor tray in her smart phone current flagship is designed by the company’s HiSilicon affiliate. When it comes to memory storage, it has been manufactured by Samsung, while it took Sony manufactures the cameras used in the phone. When it comes to the battery, it was manufactured by the firm is headquartered in Hong Kong, while Japanese companies such as TDK and Kyocera to supply Huawei antennas transmission.

Prohibited U.S. companies from dealing with Huawei if the product or goods with more than 25% of the American technology. Will not encounter the Chinese company’s problem in dealing with the commercial manufacturers of non-American, but then caused consumer confidence in the decline in total sales and shipments, you will improve all other companies by.

However, even if successful Huawei in get rid of its dependence on the American companies to get through the necessary ingredients of non-US companies, they still need to work with Google to use Android in its devices portable. Its plans to provide an alternative operating system is good, but we doubt it would provide the same user experience offered by currently in its smart phones during the next few years.

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