The process of dismantling the MacBook Air 2018 reveal that it is relatively easy to fix it

MacBook Air 2018

Due to that we tend to take our laptops with us all the time, it seemed to encounter some hiccups every now and then which may affect their ability to move over time. Not to mention that laptops have their cooling systems less efficient as compared with desktop computers, which means that with the passage of time can heat in the laptop can lead to damage to some components.

Of course you can fix laptops, but the question is what the complexity of the reform process, and if so, is it expensive? Fortunately for those who decided to buy a MacBook Air 2018 new from Apple, has figured out the iFixit team specialized in the dismantling of the hardware to find out how hard fixed that laptop new for Apple easy fix compared to computers, MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook with a screen of 12 inches.


According to the process of disassembly by iFixit team laptop MacBook Air 2018, you might find out that a lot of the components in the laptop is a modular and accessible. However, he explained the iFixit team that the Bolts that take the form of an asterisk means that the process of opening the laptop yourself would be difficult if not used the right tools. Noted iFixit team also to how difficult it take out the battery because of the use of bolts and adhesives, but as mentioned previously, is no longer battery committed on the upper part of the laptop. This means that the process of changing the battery will require users to change the top cover which helps to reduce costs.

Other things that rendered the laptop MacBook Air 2018 some of the points in the reform index, we find the memory storage of non-expandable memory and random non perishable also. Of course, this is unfortunate, but again, this is a product from Apple, so we’re not surprised.



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