The process of repair iPhone, iPad, counterfeit has cost Apple more than $ 6 million

No plans to fix counterfeit software new for Apple, and it can make thieves and forgers from them a lot of money.

Earlier last week, revealed the network of NBC San Diego about the biggest scam on Apple TV from behind the devices and counterfeit, has been referred to the prosecutor’s office for the Southern District in California, he was the indictment of 14 people involved in this process.

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The details of the process is not very accurate, but individuals 14 were importing iPhone and iPad fakes from China to the United States of America. As soon as the arrival of the devices, transmits these people to the Apple Store and claim it’s defective or broken in one way or another. Then, the staff will Apple replace it, which prevents their device bears the mark of Apple as a real instead of fake.

Finally, the Office of the U.S. attorney for the Southern District said that more than 10,000 device was imported and sold through this process. Because the counterfeiters are taking the devices to Apple TV true that they receive from Apple Store and shipped back to China where they are sold for a large profit.

Has this operation has cost the Apple approximately $ 6.1 million.

According to the indictment, the imported product ā€“ led by the three brothers ā€“ more than 10,000 iPhone and iPad fakes from China, and replace them by the real treatment of Apple stores across the United States and Canada, and then shipped the original hardware to China and other foreign countries for sale at a higher price.

Offer Apple conservatively that the loss associated with the elements of the article that were sold fraudulently in the Apple Store for the Apple products original exceed $ 6.1 million.

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