The profits of Sony, up$ 2.1 million in the second quarter of 2018 thanks to the Games section

أرباح سوني تصل 2.1$ مليار في الربع الثاني من 2018 بفضل قسم الألعاب

Whatever fell all the sections is the Games section to flourish; this is a bold permanent representative of the Japanese company Sony with all the time it announced its financial results, which continued in the second quarter of fiscal year 2018 to help the company in achieving profit reached$ 2.1 million.

And the company was able to achieve sales of $ 4.9 billion in the Games section of PlayStation during the third quarter, net profit run and has reached$ 800 million and increased 65% from the second quarter of the previous year. As for the operating profit of the company have jumped about 59% to 19.6 million.

The company had sold 3.9 million PS4 during the third quarter, this is lower than the second quarter in the previous year, which reached sales of 4.2 million devices, but this is available for the person and possibly continue during the next two years, on the contrary, with the same games that are developed by the company.

Sony said it managed to sell 86 million PS4 globally up until now, the highest of the previous generation PS3, which had reached 80 million copies at the last announcement about its sales in 2013.

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