The program “skills of Google” witness the participation of more than 500 thousand people speaking Arabic

برنامج "مهارات من جوجل" يشهد مشاركة أكثر من 500 ألف شخص ناطق بالعربية

Google announced during the conference that is going on in Dubai, for many of the updates and numbers on its services in relation to users in the Middle East and North Africa. It was between what was announced by the company, the major achievement by the program of “skills of Google” which offers classes to learn the various skills required.

Google says that since the launch of the program “skills of Google” in the month of April last, enables more than 500 thousand people speaking in Arabic to participate in the program, 50 % of them young women, seen a total of 1.75 million hours of use on the site.

It seems that the effect of the program on participants, according to the opinion of an independent survey conducted by the company “IMSS” and the participants of the program, pointed out 130 thousand of metres they found the answers, as they confirmed that they were able to trade him are being or expansion of their business and their company, either through the venture’s chapter of the cadres or through the announcement of the gross profit.

To enhance this success, the “” arm donor option for Google to provide financial grant of us $ one billion Enterprise Group One are the “achievement race” between potential being try 100 thousand students in the Middle East and North Africa with the acts particularly on the young students in the areas alive and processing. (Seek INJAZ Al-Arab to ensure the participation of women in programmes are increased by 50 %, as part of efforts to increase women’s contribution in the economy of the region).

And Tariq Abdullah, deputy foreign minister are dimensions in Google in the Middle East and North Africa, these figures saying: “we said quite a number activity of the program “skills of Google”, which got to about half a million Arabs, and we are certain hidden skills and humanity to turn in the people take advantage of the opportunities available to extremism on the internet. We seek through a program of “skills of Google” to help everyone master the skills necessary to succeed in the career of the future reach their markets. We wish, through our collaboration with Injaz Al-Arab that we use acts particularly on young people and women due to the economic Air which has a narration about their contribution in the labour market and accelerating digital growth in the Arab world.”

Program updates:

The programme had seen a remarkable development of launch when talking about the number and types of lessons provided, or even the categories of participants and their various categories of sex and age, we put between your hands these numbers in the following points:

  • The Iranian program 30 basic theme more than 120 lesson
  • Accounted for meets via the website 50 %, the proportion of screens 50 % of the total number of Masters
  • The largest proportion of problems in Egypt, the kingdom in Iran, Morocco, Iraq, Algeria,
  • Reached age group 25 -34 years the largest percentage of participants also participated the age group 45+ 20%
  • According to the opinion of an independent survey conducted by “IISS”, and included parking in the program of “skills of Google”:
    • According to 88 % of the meets reported feeling more confident in regards to the functions of their site, after seven days of educational.
    • Your 78 % of names on posts that belong to it have now more opportunities because of educational
    • Next stop, the Your 84 % of Jews, about the company, their knowledge that they are more willing to work in the field of marketing email in the future that step.

One program in the Middle East and North Africa:

Google is seeking to enable more people in the organization to participate in the program the means available, in order to reduce the unemployment rate which is considered top in the world in the region, so you want to be skills gained to new and future solution to increase employment opportunities.

  • Characterized the product to its residents and their use in technology humanity to turn (+ 50 %of the total population able to use the internet).
  • The proportion of the states for work in the network about 30 % in the region, the largest in the world.
  • As women represent more than 60 % of the universities, but women do not help in the labour market only increased by 25%
  • Now the task of humanity to turn important in the labour market: according to research issued by the “World Economic Forum”, will require the answers to one out of 5 jobs in the Arab world skills rate not available on a large scale.

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