The Prohibition of 1,200 players cheated World Cup free

Maybe you think that a big event like a World Cup game free urges players to the morals high, but this did not happen.

Revealed the Epic developer free it during the first week of unemployment has been banned more than 1,200 account for a form of cheating.

Included the majority of fraud cases, 1,163 account, “bypassing regional restrictions and try to play in multiple regions”, the punishment here is a ban for two weeks – and of these 196 account has what to gain from the awards.

The Prohibition of the 48 another account to see Account – 9 of them lost their awards. The campus account is one of competition for 72 hours for him to disconnect while playing.

Have banned 8 accounts playing as a team inside the game contrary to the system – one account has his trophy. As the Prohibition of one of the finalists for the semi-finals after detecting cheating software within the first 5 minutes of the tournament.

This is what revealed by Epic that hopes the commitment of the players in order by the second week of the World Cup which witnessed the first round of the bilateral agreements.

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