The Prohibition of Huawei will lead to slow down the spread of 5G networks, raising prices

Huawei 5G

The company asked the technical staff stop to talk with their counterparts in the company Huawei, at least in the technical subjects and technical standards. Reports from news agency Reuters reports that employers such as Intel and Qualcomm and InterDigital Wireless and +LG U has imposed restrictions on staff by preventing them from conducting informal talks with their counterparts in Huawei through meetings and international conferences.

According to some insiders, it has provided all of the Intel and Qualcomm ” instruction obligation ” to its employees, but refused to disclose those instructions. Quoted an official in the company calls South Korean +LG U that the company ” refrain voluntarily from the interaction with the staff of the Huawei“, while stressed executives in a company Nokia that talks without internet connection ( Offline ) has been documented during the meeting of 3GPP last week.

Commented analysts believe that this hostility will slow down the spread of 5G. The representative did not disclose the name of Europe, engaged in the process of the development of 5G that such perceptions drive everyone to kneel in the corners of their own, which hinders effective development process.

While rejecting the news agency Reuters allow most of its sources, it is clear that companies are keen to play the card of caution in regard to their interaction with Huawei as a result of the war the continued trade between the United States and China. With regard to the sector of smart phones, all of this means that we are not confident that we’ll see series phones, Huawei Mate 30 Series, or at least not in the way we expect, they are most likely come without the apps and services Google usual, and without many applications and services in other world.

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