The Prohibition of the application of WeChat by the government of America may bring with it is very bad news for Apple


In addition to the Prohibition of the application of TikTok, the U.S. government announced recently that it will prohibit the application of WeChat. This according to an executive order signed by US President Donald Trump, which he says actually prevent individuals and American companies from dealing with these applications.

Imagine that this will undoubtedly have a negative impact on the users and Tencent, which is behind the app WeChat, but it also seems that it may have a negative impact on American companies like Apple also. This is because it was a suggestion that the Prohibition of WeChat will force Apple to remove the app from the App Store of its own, which may lead to a decrease in sales of the iPhone.

This according to a survey conducted by one of the financial media, China, as based on poll results, it seems that 678000 level of the Chinese confirmed that they will buy a different phone if you no longer WeChat is available on iOS platform. This vs 38600 user they said that they will simply uninstall the app.

WeChat is an important application in China and elsewhere in Asia. This is because of the multifaceted nature of the app, it allows users to chat with each other only, it allows them to also make voice calls and video, and make purchases, in addition to sending money to Costa. In China, the app also critical where you have a lot to pay bills and buy train tickets etc., which means that the loss of WeChat may cause big trouble … in daily life for many users.


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