The project “Chinese” new Google refuses his management of the Trump

Although no company announcement Google is officially on the development of this project but we already know of its existence according to the number of reports. The project to develop the search engine and the news custom of China is doesn’t seem that it will be easily where comes the opposition of the US authorities, including the Department Trump the American president.

According to a report from the New York Times the vice president may occur with the company Google to stop working on this project, which bears the name of a Dragon Fly when its development.

Possible in the search engine of China is that it allows connection lookups of phone numbers thus allowing the Chinese company to any journalist or anyone doing a job search via the site which is completely different from the version currently existing of the search engine Google which is not linked to searches by anything other than the expense of the person that log in.

In spite of the secret project only to the New York Times had reported in August that 1,400 employees at Google have signed on request from the company to clarify the details of the project Dragon fly, as them as the police, prompting one of the researchers to resign as a protest on the decision of the police not to disclose details of the project secret for Google.

And been Google in China ten years ago before they collide with the Chinese government, which wanted the users data which is rejected by the Google to block the search engine in the state. Google made the right decision when I decided to protect the users, but it is clear that the funds may make her change her mind.

And what prompted the company to think again is the size of internet users in China who breaks the barrier of one billion users makes it a huge market able to the introduction of billions of dollars for ads via the search engine.

Although the work of Google on the project however the issue is still by the side of the tray, it is not sure to accept China’s presence search engine especially in this period, which accuses China of putting parts for inside devices believe it out which will give confidence in China’s future is probably what will China’s reactions are similar.

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