The project ” Google Portals ” may change the way that we browse the web on mobile devices

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Choose the method of browsing our web on our phones compared to our personal computers. Because our phones are designed differently, they include smaller screens and uses the hardware different, as they also depend in general on the touch input unlike computers that rely on mouse and keyboard.

And for those who feel that browsing the web on mobile devices needs some improvements, it appears that that’s what you think. Google it so I started working on a project called Portals can change the way they browse the web on our smart phones. This project is headed by Mr. Kenji Baheux, who holds the position of Product Manager at Google, the aim of this project is to create web sites allow users to navigate smoothly from one page to another using gestures which hopefully will reduce the time spent by the user waiting for the download web sites.

This is important because as the company said Amazon in the past, the slowing of the page loading process for just one second could cost the company up to $ 1.6 million of sales annually, so obviously the speed of loading pages is extremely important, especially to the retailer where users can simply access to stores various other quickly to their needs.

However, I don’t talk too much to the idea of the vision Google the company launched a project Portals any time soon given that this project is still in the development proposal currently. It is still unclear what are the changes to the browsing experience is normal, but if you’re interested, you can find more information about the project on the platform Github.


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