The pros and cons of Huawei GT Watch 2e

Today I will tell you about the Huawei GT Watch 2e, but first – a video review!

When Huawei revealed its first GT Watch, we were a little upset because, instead of another interesting product on the market wearable electronics, we got just a watch with a small screen. Even without a basic function, sorry. The only major advantage that generation – autonomy, but at the usual hours, she even more. Check out the video from ROMs about GT Watch:

The second generation became significantly better. At least with the hours you can answer calls. But now we got a new model that, in fact, is a simplified version of the second GT Watch, this time with the prefix E. I tested throughout the week, abandoning its Apple Watch and will now tell you who consider this gadget.

Pros Huawei GT Watch 2e

The cost

The price is 5000 UAH. On the background of the same from Garmin Vivoactive 3 and Galaxy Watch Active 2 from Samsung is a good value. The Apple Watch is more expensive. But don’t rush to make order until you have read, to whom it will really be a plus.

Chic display

Screen have Huawei GT 2e excellent Watch like wearable device. 1.39 “, 454×454 pixels, AMOLED. The pixel density is such that we consider the individual very difficult.


Watch has kept its main advantage over competitors – autonomy. Even if you have enabled always on the clock display will last about 10 days, which is just very good. Especially given the Apple Watch, which hold a maximum of two days.

A bunch of sports activities

Namely, 100. Including bouncers and bungee jumping 🙂 the Game really much, but scooter no.

Pulse oximeter

This is something that will add in GT2, but with the update. GT2e can already measure the saturation level of oxygen in the blood. In fact, the watch uses a pulse oximeter, which started right to hunt during a pandemic to determine, not sick. Not sure that feature works in hours as accurately as possible, but bad reviews have not seen. I always have about 100% indicates 🙂

Cool watchface

Remember the first generation? Even watchface was not enough. And now enough of them, there is even a customizable and a huge number of really beautiful. Now clock beautiful not only outside but also on the screen.

4 GB of storage for music or podcasts

And another plus, which previously was not in the first generation. The watch is a built-in storage of 4 GB for podcasts or music. Yes, download have manually, but it is certainly better than nothing. You can listen with BT headphones. The truth is available for use only 2.3 GB.

Cons Huawei GT Watch 2e


GT Watch 2e is not allowed to answer the phone, and really miss it. We can only discourage, in fact. That is, the microphone is not here.

Watchface not functionals

As I said in the pros – a lot of watchface, but only one can be customised and its elements are clickable. The rest – consider Wallpaper with the display of some information without being able to deal with it. Tepesi, the weather – anything, on the date too. This is a big minus.

Application functional

Not only watchface deprived of opportunities, but also the application. For example, you come into the weather and see just the icon of the current weather. No, even the minimum forecast you can not see.

Always on will not activate watchface

By default this feature is off and screen is activated every time you raise your hand. But, if you turn on permanent time display on the screen – pretty MIDI, tough! it, then, firstly, activated additional watches just clock, and secondly, when lifting is activated not installed on the system watches.

You can’t install apps

On the clock it is impossible to install a third-party app, they are not supported. No shop, nor any other way to do it.

The iOS app is, but it would be better not

Unfortunately, to connect your watch with an iPhone was impossible. The reason for that is error. But with Android, the situation is marvellous, except for the smartphones of Huawei.

The Android app is in the play store, but without the services of Huawei it doesn’t work. They must be installed from the App Gallery. Need to install APK via QR code in the instructions. Like anything complex, but an easy connection hours will not name.

No syncing with any service

Given the inability to install third-party applications, a hub for training – only the standard Health application. About syncing with Strava you can forget.

Don’t bother bothering

Unfortunately, when you enable do not disturb on your smartphone, it is not included and the clock, as occurs with the same Samsung.


Yes, about a contactless payment then you may not dream, it will not appear.


Horse annoying is that notifications are received correctly. That is, came to you the update from the cart, you looked at him and went on. Then came another thing, you went back through and went on, but after a couple of seconds arrive and previous…

And do notice come everywhere with iconomy SMS. No matter, this telegram, mail or something else.

What does it mean? That smart watch as they are not very good, but as a sports gadget — over. Can I recommend them? Quite, if you need a sports watch. Fitness bracelets are very limited and personally I don’t like how they look. And here is a beautiful gadget on the hand with a minimum functionality of smart watches and a huge range of sporting opportunities. In fact, it is a good competitor to the Garmin Fenix for a very reasonable price.

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