The pros and cons of the most popular diets in Silicon valley

Figures from Silicon valley, praised the ketogenic diet. It is becoming more popular, and the reasons for this popularity are easy to understand. The ketogenic diet allows you to effectively get rid of excess weight without giving up tasty and fatty foods. We will look at diet and try to understand, everything is rosy.

The essence of the ketogenic diet is very simple: we need to stop consuming carbohydrates and eat more fats. The high fat content and low sugar content allows the body to enter into a natural starvation mode, forcing it to use fat as fuel, instead of carbohydrates, which our body used to burn in the first place.

It turns out that you can eat meat, fish, oil and other yummy and fatty foods and lose weight at the same time. The effectiveness and attractiveness of the ketogenic diet made her popular among some of the stars and employees of technology companies from Silicon valley. They believe that the diet allows them to reduce appetite and increase performance.

Studies that were carried out in the decades that show that a ketogenic diet can help people suffering from epileptic seizures, and type II diabetes. Today, doctors are experiencing some anxiety due to the popularity of the ketogenic diet, as it is not known what effect it can have on other people.

Careless adherence to a ketogenic diet may cause dehydration and increased protein and uric acid in the body to dangerous levels. Some doctors claim that they observe an increase in the number of cases of kidney stones. Today, it is not directly linked with the ketogenic diet, but increase the amount of consumed meat without a proportional increase in water consumption can actually lead to the formation of kidney stones.

Today nutritionists recommend everyone to switch to a ketogenic diet to consult your doctor who will be able to take into account characteristics of the organism and the history of human disease. Usually doctors recommend not to overdo it with the servings of meat, combining it with a high consumption of water for leaching of the products of metabolism. In addition, it is recommended to add lemon to the water, which helps keep the calcium molecules together.

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