The pursuit of the Apple will affect the cost of Android-flagships

Development of software and hardware scanning systems, the same Face ID, requires manufacturers of essential financial injections, which will subsequently affect the cost of smartphones. For this reason, many market players were forced to focus on the development of the ultrasonic fingerprint scanners.

According to DigiTimes, each set of recognition of individuals will cost manufacturers at least $ 60. Given the total cost of all components of the flagship smartphone, which, as a rule, be 350-380 dollars, it will be a really serious problem for both vendors and consumers.

The technology of ultrasound scanning of fingerprints proposed by Qualcomm, allows you to place sensors under the identify displays, regardless of their type. In other words, manufacturers do not need to move EN masse on the organic matrix, to be able to equip the brand new smartphone technology.

Despite the obvious advantages of software and hardware of facial recognition, like Face ID, some vendors will still want to provide a similar level of protection solely through software algorithms. Xiaomi, for example, has confirmed plans to equip the Mi 2S Mix “smart” feature is facial recognition.

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