The range of possible applications for text, audio, and the announcement of the winners pulling on the free subscriptions!

Today we have a set of apps that everyone needs to transcend the language barrier in learning and learners communicate with others where it lets you set apps to the soil in this section of the translation text and translation of books and documents with full support for the Arabic language, and don’t forget also that there is a pull-on clashes free one of those apps.

First application: apply the accumulated

  • Interpretation of the acoustic with the possibility of reading the translation phonetically.
  • Translation of texts and phrases.
  • Save the frequency reference mode and more.
  • Support more than more than 40 languages in the transliteration and 60 language in the translation text.
  • Support Arabic language in full voice and text.
  • Translated web pages via the Safari browser.
  • High accuracy in translation and voice recognition
تطبيق المترجم
Localized application
تطبيق المترجم
Localized application

**Note:the app is free and fully with the limits for everyday use and with some adverts, you get backups without limits and without ads and with all features from within the app.

تطبيق المترجم
Localized application

Drag on the free subscriptions!

There is a pull on the keys to activate the subscription paid for a whole month in the app for the first 5 subscribers they analyze and evaluate the program on the market the Apple TV and then send code 115 to the e-mail so that includes the message sender’s name the trio and the country until the announcement of the winners and what else will not be accepted the nomination.


Works on iPhone and iPad-Touch, iPad, and Apple Watch.

Operating system compatible: iOS 8.0 and newer.

Size : 200 MB

Download on Apple devices:

Coder: Nayer Abu Soud


**Winners who have been emailing in the previous competition. **

  • Hussein Hussein
  • Jih Aba
  • Bader young Farhan Al-Enezi
  • The ambulance station Red
  • Hassan Al abbas
  • Ibrahim Awad
  • Eng.Khaled
  • Laith Toma
  • BashHad
  • Guennifi Osama
  • M Bohmoch
  • Waseem Eldanaf
  • Abdullah for
  • Wael Sakbani
  • Amr

Application scanner translator


  • Feature convert version photos, books and PDF files to text downloadable digital and.
  • Says application scan papers, pictures and files.
  • The possibility to save files drawn scanned into any digital format.
  • The program supports conversion of texts into Arabic as well as translation from and, in addition to other languages.
  • Advantage of the text recognition OCR within images and translate them.
  • Manage files easily as well as protect it.

تطبيق الماسح الضوئي

Download on Apple devices:

Coder: Nayer Abu Soud



And also this app the same idea and way of work in translation:

Coder: Nayer Abu Soud


If you are a developer and publish your apps via the news app to reach for a large segment of Arab users to reason across the following mail: will your app soon in the list of news apps if level befitting the user.

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