The rate of employment, Apple for people with experience in the area of Health has doubled dramatically in recent

Apple Watch

While it seems the demand for iPhone has been slow as compared with what it was in the past, it seems that there is a market for Apple to return it, this market is the market of wearable devices. As all of you probably know, Apple invested a lot of money and effort in wearable devices like Apple Watch and AirPods, and this is what the report shows the latest Thinknum.

Statistics have shown data from the Thinknum that the rate of employing Apple people experienced in the field of Health doubled significantly over the past two years. For example, in 2017 the number of jobs was offered by Apple which contain the word ” Health ” in its title, up to about 15 posts, but that number rose to 75 in 2018, which represents an increase of 400 percent.

Found Foundation Thinknum also something interesting is that these functions appear to be linked to Quality Assurance, which suggests that the company may even be in the final stages of the development of something new requires the company to test it to ensure it has certain standards. There were rumors that Apple is working on developing technology for non-surgical and allow for the Smart Watch Apple Watch measuring the level of glucose in the blood, this would be especially useful for patients with diabetes.

He was the CEO of Apple has stated recently that he wants to be remembered Apple as played a large role in the health care sector. And, of course, remains to be seen what will bring us Apple, but they are supposed to know everything in later this year when we will have an Apple Smart Watch Apple Watch Series 5.

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