The rate of growth of users of social networks and the Internet in the world (2019)

The Internet and technology is becoming part of our life. We increasingly integrated with the virtual space. Manufacturers of smartphones in the new update of Android even introduced a feature digital well-being that enables you to control the smartphone. However, what statistics do we have more time to devote to the Internet?

The world population for the year increased by 1.1%, unique users of mobile devices was 2.2% higher, while the number of Internet users increased by 9.1% (367 million, approximately the population of the US). Along with the growth of Internet users and the growing number of people using the social network, which is logical, because it is hard to imagine using the Internet without such resources. By the way, you can always subscribe to our Telegram channel.

Colleagues from AndroidAuthority conducted a survey, which was attended by 55 thousand people. According to the survey, 30% of users own phones more than 2 years, and the remaining 30 use smartphones 1-2 years. Only 10% of voters changing the devices after six months of use. This explains the weak sales of smartphones in 2018. It is interesting why the number of users of mobile devices grows. Perhaps, the reason of inaccurate methods of data collection or other reasons.

The most time you spend online residents of the Philippines (10 hours per day), the average across countries is equal to almost 7 hours. Russia in the list is practically on the same level with the USA with a score of 6 hours and 30 minutes.


Despite a decline in sales of smartphones, the number of Internet users and phones is increasing. The network has become an integral part for many, half the time people spend on the Internet. This trend may lead to an increase in the number of sick people in the world, because the inactive way of life is clearly not benefit the population, moreover, there is the risk of addiction. Can we imagine a day without phone or computer? It is the challenge of our generation, the means of struggle which are not yet invented.

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