The rate of spending Netflix on the original content may be up to $ 15 million in 2019

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The implementation of Netflix a great deal of money on creating its own content each year and rise budget with each passing year. The company has spent up to $ 12 million to create movies and series, television programs and documentaries in the year 2018. It is expected to increase to 15 billion USD in 2019.

A report revealed last last buy Netflix they spent 12.04 million USD to create its own content in just the past year. That was in itself an increase of 35 percent compared with the year 2017 when the company spent USD 8.9 billion for the same purpose.

Analysts expect Wall Street to rise this number is now increased by 25 percent to reach US $ 15 billion in 2019. The same company told investors that it will continue to invest more money. It is expected that the registration of a negative number when it comes to flow and free cash amounting to three billion USD this year, this would be similar to last year. You will be financing the rate of spending by the committee back to the debt markets. Debt amounted Netflix’s long-term 10.4 billion USD at the end of last year.

Will Netflix spending $ 15 million to create movies and series and documentaries own to increase the base of participants in the service. It is expected the analysts to calm down the rate of spending Netflix in this area in the coming years, but it is expected that the rate of spending to peak next year when around 18 million USD.

One of the main reasons that the company paid Netflix to do this assets huge in the creation of original content is growing competition in this market, you may be sure that Disney and NBC Universal and WarnerMedia will in turn create service streaming movies and Series own this year, so the Netflix you need to take steps proactive to make sure they wouldn’t lose subscribers.

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