The rate of the heartbeat. What does it mean? And the technique used by Apple to measure it accurately?

Heart rate is a heart rate, measured by the number of heart contractions per minute. Vary the speed of the heart in accordance with the requirements of Gethsemane, such as the need for oxygen uptake and carbon dioxide output. Normal heart rate for an adult at rest ranges between 60-100 beats per minute. Is known to accelerate the heart to increase the heart rate about 100 beats per minute during rest. While bradycardia is low heart rate of 60 beats per minute at rest. As several studies suggest, as well as the consensus of experts, that the normal heart rate at rest in adults ranges between 50 to 90 beats per minute.

How do you evaluate the Apple Watch your heart rate

Apple used two methods to gauge the pulse of the heart, one using the green light sensors, and through the use of infrared light to provide energy, this is the situation that you use an Apple Watch when you rate your heart rate in the background onset heart rate. Used lights “LED” the green to measure your heart rate during exercise and bring development to calculate the average and the difference of heart rate (HRV).

The way the technology works, optical sensor to measure heart rate

Uses optical sensor to know the pulse of the heart located in the Apple Watch What is known the planning photolysis. Think of this technology on a very simple fact: blood is red because it reflects red color and green color. Used Apple Watch lights “LED” green in addition to the diodes the photovoltaic light-sensitive to detect the amount of blood flowing through the wrist at any given moment, when your heart beats, the blood flows in the wrist, and the absorption of green color by more. While at least between each pulse and the other. And you can Apple Watch to calculate the number of times a heartbeat each minute through the flashing lights “LED” hundreds of times in every second, and therefore calculate your heart rate. Supports optical sensor to see the heartbeat range between 30 and 210 beats per minute. In addition, the designed optical sensor to know the pulse of the heart to compensate for signal levels low to increase the rate of lighting of the LED lamps and sampling.

Hours Apple TV fourth generation and pulse heart

Containing hours Apple TV fourth generation on the electrodes in the previous button ring (Digital Crow) and the back to measure the electrical signals on the heart when used with the app “heart rate” or application of the ECG. And when you put your finger on the previous button ring, is to create a closed circuit between the heart and the arms are even measuring electrical impulses on the chest.

The use of sensor electrical impulses of the heart in the measurement of heart rate, open the app “heart rate” put your finger on the previous button ring. You will get to read faster and accurately top, where is the measurement at a rate of every second not every 5 seconds. You will be shown the “ECG” in the “context of the heart rate” when looking at the recorded data to know the pulse of the heart in the application of The “your health”.

A lot of declare that the ECG or pulse measurement electrode only work in the hours that have been purchased from America or carrying the model number of dollars, to learn more you can read this article, but you can use the sensor pulse of the heart’s electrical in the fourth generation for Apple TV is available without restrictions when used with heart rate and measure better, faster.

If you have a watch Apple TV fourth-generation, always put your finger on the previous button ring to get you to read faster and accurately the top of the pulse of the heart



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