The real cost of an iPhone XS Max – the most expensive phones and iPhone until now!

The recently revealed Apple about the largest and most expensive phones the iPhone yet the iPhone XS Max at a starting price of$ 1,100 per capacity core storage 64 GB, and even$ 1,250 per capacity of 256 GB and a 1450$ capacity 512 GB record in prices phones the iPhone prices and smartphones in general. But do you know the real cost of components of iPhone XS Max?!

التكلفة الحقيقية لهاتف آيفون XS Max - أغلى هواتف الآيفون حتى الآن!
The real cost of an iPhone XS Max – the most expensive phones and iPhone until now!

The real cost is less than you expect!

Foundation TechInsights dismantled iPhone XS Max and the report the price of its components separately and then calculate the final cost of the Fever, the prices of all the ingredients, the final cost 443$ approximately only 40% of the initial price of the phone, an increase of only$ 50 about the prices of the components of last year’s version of the iPhone X.

As usual, you perceive the screen the list of ingredients the most expensive in the phones at the price of its $ 80.5$ which is of the manufacture of Samsung’s biggest rival Apple, as Samsung achieves a profit for every iPhone sold a manufactured. The price of tea increased by 5% due to the increase of the measurement screen in addition to inflation.

Come prices processor/season in second place in the list price is$ 72 to increase 10%. We have other components like the camera is priced at$ 44, and the battery priced at$ 9, the cost of Assembly and testing$ 24, the rest of the prices of other components of the facility in the image as compared with the components of the iPhone X.

سعر مكونات آيفون XS Max مقارنة بآيفون X
The price of the components of the iPhone XS Max compared to the iPhone X

Is this the true cost?

443 USD is the price of the components of the iPhone XS Max only, but to calculate the final cost, we should take into account the other things they are spending it lavishly, such as the cost of research and development, software and operating systems and the more things advertising and marketing that push the user to pay more than$ 1,000 to buy a smart phone, but it doesn’t prices associated with exaggerated phones iPhone also sees most of the interested products, the Apple TV.

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