The rear camera of the tripartite says the phone OnePlus 7 Pro for the podium in the tests, DxOMark

OnePlus 7 Pro

The team DxOMark the thrill to review your camera phone OnePlus 7 Pro, and now this group to publish this review in full on his official website on the internet. Flagship phone the latest from the company OnePlus got to evaluate a total of 111 points, which makes the bottom of each of the Huawei P30 Pro and Galaxy S10 5G, which got ratings 112.

As you might expect, the phone OnePlus 7 Pro achieved excellent results in all sub-categories, photos, and video from DxOMark. And it turns out that the phone is the new flagship of the range, wide dynamic range preserves the outstanding elements in addition to details the shadows, and exposure is excellent, contrast is good in all lighting conditions.

Considered the ” color reproduction ” is great, especially for images taken in outdoor sunny, as the white balance neutral displacement force to the tonal gradations and vibrant. Is controlled well in barter softness and noise while retaining a lot of detail. Be clear more in an external viewer or with bright lighting, where noise is barely visible. On the other hand, are losing some softness in conditions where lighting is low so that the noise note in the dark parts of the picture.

When it comes to Patmos the background in the photo, the phone OnePlus 7 Pro rival the Galaxy S10 5G and Huawei P30 Pro, which owns the two best modes Portrait Mode. You can get a good estimate for the depth, and blur the background with the focus strictly on the main element in the picture.

The camera best in the phone OnePlus 7 Pro offers similar results than the distances near, but noise will be a note of some thing compared with the ordinary images with the knowledge that the colors will also be non-saturated a bit. Apart from that, keep the level of detail is good. However, in the case of paths rounding the long, deteriorates the quality of the image quickly compared with the phone Huawei P30 Pro with the camera, telephoto, which is based on the principle of perspective which provide the installation of hybrid five-fold.

Video recording mode looks good also in the phone OnePlus 7 Pro, elephant Studios, recorded this phone keeps the exact details, as to the system of automatic adjustment of image remains good. However, the image stabilization system is less efficient in reducing the shaking of the camera resulting from walking, at least compared to the phones of the competition.

Videos recorded using the phone OnePlus 7 Pro to be ” bright and exciting ” in most cases, but shots become a little dark in the environments of low lighting strongly. In addition, remain dynamic range is limited a bit in the environments where the contrast is high. The colors are rich and vibrant especially when you are shooting outdoors. Remain the white balance is accurate even in the light of changes in lighting or scene. Generally, you can have a look at the full review through this link HERE.

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