The recent changes proposed by Google for the Google Chrome API to cause public outcry and the

Google Chrome

Thanks to the launch of Google API the API for the browser Google Chrome, the developers can create add your browser, it has led to the development of add-ons block ads. However, there is some controversy surrounding the banning of the ads, there are who think that the Add-ons ad-blocking is wrong, while others say that the annoying ads spammed forced them to build these plugins in the browser.

However, I tried to Google to a large extent played the role of a neutral by allowing for plugins to stay on the store Chrome Web Store. However, it turns out lately that Google plans to make changes to the application programming interface, namely the changes that would prevent Google according to the number of developers the ability to restrain the action of plugins designed to ban the ads.

This has led to resentment of a large number of developers and users, so much so that Google had to respond to that so that the said engineer at Google, Mr. Devlin Cronin said : ” I would like to reiterate that all these changes are still in the drafting stage design, as described in the document and tracking errors. Still is the expansion of interface development software API declarativeNetRequest which is currently under development, and is completed after from the minute changes that will be implemented as part of the Manifest V3. The comments and observations that you provide currently is very important, really want to hear your comments and concerns “.

The company will continue also in highlighting the changes that the company plans to Google for conducting based on the comments from the developers. However, we still have to wait to see how will be the final result of these changes.


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