The refresh rate of the screen is a mess S20 will decrease to 60 Hz in the case of certain

Prepare a tea with the refresh rate associated with one of the best actresses phones Galaxy S20, where the screen Olid at the rate of update of 120 Hz, the highest possible rate on the screens of the smart phones in current time.

However, the critical some people the fact that he can’t use a refresh rate of 120 Hz at full screen resolution, and not clarified Samsung the reason selected to allow a refresh rate higher only Full HD+, we assume that it’s related to the fact that refresh rates higher with high precision can lead to the consumption of a great deal graphics and affects battery life.

In addition, phones Galaxy S20 will not always adhere at a rate of refresh 120 Hz, it will automatically switch to 60 Hz in certain positions and order of these positions mostly to the battery, as expected: will move the screen to a refresh rate of 60 Hz, the higher the battery temperature from 42 ° C when the battery level drops to 5% or less.

Happens to switch to 60 Hz also when you run certain apps, like the camera or Google Maps, as these applications consume a lot of battery power in general.

But the question here is, Are you going to Samsung users the option to use a refresh rate of 120 Hz and the maximum screen resolution (WQHD +) maybe by adding it via the update software?

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