The report confirms Microsoft’s plans to reveal more of the gaming console at E3

Use Microsoft to reveal more than a gaming console during the E3 conference for the year 2019, according to the latest reports published today on the internet.

microsoft E3 2019 leak

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Report JeuxVideo French with new details about the plans of the software giant conference games for the upcoming E3, where Microsoft prepares to reveal new versions of the console games Scarlet that was announced for over the past year, also scheduled to come to console in the first games at the same level as the pricing of the Xbox One X but it will be the experience of gaming platforms of conventional.

While the console games in the second design the digital price is low, the report also noted that Microsoft launches a symbolic Lockheart anaconda on a gaming console currently, also added a report that is scheduled to appear new details about gaming consoles in the coming months.

Report JeuxVideo also stressed that these new systems will be available in the markets in 2020, while the confirmed leaks of other
Thurott on that platform, the new games will be revealed for the first time at E3 this year.

Recall that Microsoft is one of the limited companies which can seriously see E3 annually, and is scheduled to also have announcements at this year’s show, where they reveal the first games developed in the studios of the company Ninja Theory, besides platform games associated with.


I know of

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