The report confirms plans for Apple to push the choices of new colors for the next version of the iPhone XR

A new report recently published by Mac Otakara in Japan indicated that Apple is planning to replace two of the colors presented in the iPhone XR choices of new colors for the issuance of this year.

 iPhone XR Did not confirm the leaks published so far on the applicable phone Apple lower-cost iPhone XR this year, because it had been some expectations that the phone applies is entitled iPhone XR 2, whereas the other expectations that the phone knows Ĝ¨iPhone 11R.

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In a new report published by Mac Otakara in Japan came new details about the plans of Apple to replace two of the colors released low cost with new colors, where it is expected to replace the colors of blue and red colors, and green and lavender, to keep the choices of other colors of the phone unchanged, including black, yellow, red dark.

I have revealed leaks of a photographer new recently about the design of the camera in the next version of the iPhone and XR, where the phone comes this year with the same design of the higher versions of iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max, which features a cable car design, square shape, except that this version includes the settings of the double cable control of rear.

Also referred to to phone iPhone XR featuring this year’s sensor key accurately 12 mega pixel camera sensor with special lenses telephoto supports zoom even twice.

Also comes phone iPhone 11R this year by shipping opposite from one phone to another or the ability to charge accessories Apple wireless or that rely on wireless charging, also comes the ability the card up to 3089 mAh this year.


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