The report confirms plans for ASUS to announce the official ROG Phone 2 on 23 June

Confirmed the latest reports published on the internet recently that Asus is planning to announce the official released of the new phones custom gaming ROG Phone 2 in the conference to be held on 23 of June.

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Filled version Asus third of the phones custom gaming ROG Phone 2 some leaks during the last period, where this release comes at the rate of update in the screen up to 120Hz according to the details of the Asus.

The revealed Asus released the first of the phones, the ad hoc games during the month of June last year, while referring to that Asus will unveil a phone ROG Phone 2 in the second quarter of 2019, in a new report it was pointed out that Asus will hold a conference on 23 June for the official announcement about the phone.

The report also noted that the main form of phone ROG Phone 2 applies to the markets at a price of 635 dollars almost, and also revealed previous leaks that the phone goes screen AMOLED screen with a chip Snapdragon processor 855, and up the Ram to 12 GB RAM in the phone, so we expect the confirmation of Asus on the date of the conference on 23 June to get more details about the specification of this version.


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