The report confirms the continuation of talks existing between Apple and Intel to take on the season

Confirmed a new report today on the continuation of talks existing between Apple and Intel for a while, where you are trying to Apple the completion of the acquisition of a private sector is developing segments of the world for smart phones at Intel.

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Company Intel has announced its plans to sell the sector to develop slices of the season during the last period after the company’s exit officially from competition in the market season, and today came a new report confirms that Apple is ready in red talks to take over this sector.

The new report notes that Apple intended to buy the operations in Germany, in particular, from this sector, given the importance of this part which constitutes the substrate main sector developing segments of the world own smartphones.

Also the report indicates that this part of the sector development segments of the season in Germany goes back to the company Infineon, which was acquired by Intel in 2011.

Recall that Apple did not provide official comments on these conversations with Intel to date, however, the report emphasizes that these talks had started almost a year ago, i.e., before up Apple to a legal settlement with Qualcomm.


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