The report confirms the plans of Samsung to compete with Huawei to develop 5G networks

Confirmed a published report from Reuters that Samsung is poised to take advantage of the difficulties facing the Chinese giant Huawei in the recent period in the development of 5G networks in much of the world, where Samsung is trying to compete with Huawei in the development of 5G networks.

Samsung - Huawei’s 5G problems

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Seek Samsung to be the obvious alternative and chosen to buy Huawei in the development of networks of the fifth generation in particular with the difficulties faced by Huawei recently in a lot of states that have already begun to impose a ban on the Chinese giant, to organize the competition from the phone market to the networks of the fifth generation.

I have faced the difficulties and challenges facing Huawei in the development of networks of the fifth generation starting from the United States and European Union arrived in Japan and Australia too, where they blocked Huawei from the development of networks of the fifth generation in this session for security reasons.

And it was the beginning in the United States after being issued a decision to prevent Huawei from developing the fifth-generation networks as a result of violation of Huawei’s decisions prohibiting the marketing of certain states, which allegations denied by Huawei in several states so far, but they still face difficulties to continue to develop networks of the fifth generation so far.

The source confirmed to Reuters that Samsung is trying to control the position of Huawei in this state, where Samsung has already begun in the transfer of a group of employees and managers with some expert professional preparation to enter as an alternative to Huawei in areas that have banned it already.

Recall that the company Orange has already begun using the equipment, Samsung’s fifth-generation networks in the state so far, so expected to be Samsung’s choice closest to a lot of companies, the carrier that already notice the efforts of the Korean giant in the recent period.


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