The report emphasizes on solving the legal disputes existing between the Huawei and Samsung

Revealed a new report published via the Nikkei about the arrival of both the Huawei and Samsung to settle the legal disputes existing between them, which lasted for several years.

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Keep the legal dispute between Samsung and Huawei for a long time, covering a range of issues existing between the two companies which up to 40 lawsuit, vary between licenses patents for 4G networks that spread in China and the United States, or other patents.

On the other hand, did not disclose the report of the Nikkei about how to solve these legal disputes, and whether the legal settlement came in the form of financial compensation or other form, except that the report confirmed the plans both companies to focus during the coming period to license patents on key technologies.

Recall that Samsung reached a settlement with another company Apple during the summer of last year, to end the legal disputes existing also between both companies for years, where it is expected that the apparent stagnation in the global markets was a major cause in solving this conflict, which has affected both the Korean giant hail already this slump in sales, while sales of Huawei smartphones significantly annually.


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