The report emphasizes the acquisition of TSMC for the bulk of applications supply the composition of the next generation of phones

The company TSMC is one of the most important manufacturers of the chip of the processor giants of manufacturing a phone in the world, in a new report published recently it was pointed out that TSMC has got many orders to supply chips processor slices and season to support the next generation of smart phones.

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You think the major companies of the world on the design of the segments of the chip processor, and then the phase transfer manufacturing company TSMC, which are already the task of manufacturing a lot of Be operations of the smart phone companies like Apple and Qualcomm along with Huawei and other famous brands in the world of technical.

The new report came from the Digitimes, noted that TSMC had started mass production of the chip in the 5G for each of the Qualcomm chip in the Snapdragon X50 Huawei in chips Balong which is designed by Huawei HiSilicon.

As pointed out by another source that TSMC plans to start manufacturing chips Helio M70 5G with MediaTek in the second half of this year, also is scheduled to feature a chip that comes strictly the manufacture of 7 nm with a higher density in the transistors inside the chip, with the improvements in power consumption and battery life.

On the other hand, think Korean giant Samsung to manufacture its products from the chip in the facilities of the company, and already started mass production of chip modem 5G the know with the Exynos 5100, which comes precisely manufactured 10 nm, so Samsung has been with the company MediaTek and the first female candidate for the supply of chip modem 5G for 5G iPhone, but that the recent settlement between Qualcomm barrage will make Qualcomm the first candidate for the supply of this category of chips to buy Apple.


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