The report highlighted the features of the phone Galaxy S10 next !

Didn’t we just talk about the news of the launch of the distinctive problems of Samsung’s flagship phone Galaxy S9, until I started leaks, news, Samsung next Galaxy S10 to emerge on the scene.

تقرير - أبرز ملامح هاتف جالكسي S10 القادم !

The report highlighted the features of the phone Galaxy S10 next !

But you Samsung will add a new techniques in the next phone, or will use the design techniques used earlier? This is what will be US leaks that we will in the next lines.

According to a recent report issued by the newspaper, The Bell, the use of Samsung’s global launch of Galaxy S10 with many new features that are not provided to Samsung in the previous versions.

The first of these available features is the integration of sensor fingerprint inside the screen of the phone, which is spread about a lot of rumors in the previous phones to no avail. But it’s different this time, and I think that Samsung wouldn’t like to be like the company of Shao, which is preparing to launch Xiaomi Mi 7 sensor footprint compact.

It is reported that Samsung will maintain the design of the phone in terms of screen display but the edges roughly, the size ranges from 5.8 inch to 6.3 inch .

The newspaper bill, that Samsung plans to apply the technology of three-dimensional scanning of the face, which the company is working ever since released phone Galaxy Note 7 and did not succeed, while the Galaxy S8 and S9 some improvements in this technique.

أبرز ملامح هاتف جالكسي إس 10 القادمة

According to the source, will operate the scanning technology of three-dimensional new to the strengthening of security and facial recognition is very accurate, and is also expected to be used by apps en Emoji famous.

Will you be joining Samsung in the production of a different phone for the next year or it will be an updated version of the S8 and S9 on?

Share with us your opinion and share your experience with phones Galaxy new.

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  1. Sam,The only edge you had over Apple was the removable SD card and the removable battery When these options are removed with the Note 5, you have removed the only edge of your flagship phones over Apple Yes, Galaxy phones are fast which are double the specs of Apple phones but with all the bloat wares that is running, it really does slows the phone and nullified the advantage of the hardware Now that the Iphone also have a 5 7″ screen, there is no reason why consumer should buy any Galaxy phone I personal have a Note 3 and currently owns Note 4 but see no reason to upgrade to a Note 5 Currently thinking about the LG V10 which does have removable battery and SD card and is military grade screen One question, what made you think it was a good idea to drop the only advantage (removable SD card and battery) you had over your main competition (Apple) will win this race for phone domination? Copying the competition will not help you win the war as you will always be a step behind

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