The report of the ArabNet: women entrepreneurs represent a phase in of the stars

Challenge a new report from the ArabNet about being entrepreneurs will have a key role in the new stage of success.

تقرير عرب نت: رائدات الأعمال يُمثلن المرحلة الجدیدة من النجاح

Facing women throughout the world a lot of hardships, including when the world of startups or other types of projects. And the most important of these Saudi Arabia when you login to the network on campus. men, access to this same financing received from Saudi Arabia. In addition to those of Saudi Arabia, women in the Middle East and North Frisia active participation in regional additional linked to factors cultural, which affect their participation in startups such as the pressures created according to the work of constant low levels of stress.

In this article, we present to you the fourth version of the IAEA ArabNet about “the reality of investment of humanity to turn to in the Middle East and North prices between 2013 and 2018”, in partnership with the Mohammed bin Rashid Foundation-American citizens of the SMEs, the comprehensive one security and investments in the field of technology in the region during the period from 2013 to 2018.

The proportion of women enterprises is still low

According to the later, still the proportion of women enterprises across the region is low by 14% during the year should be despite of efforts with the aim to raise the share of women in workforce numbers.

In using the Mashreq region or tea, especially Lebanon and Jordan, in Washington the highest percentage participation see a 20%, as compared to Northern prices, and has recorded in countries like Tunisia, Morocco the lowest common contain pork ingredients, buying 9% and 10%, respectively.

Although the number of deals concluded with teams comprising at least one institution has doubled in five years among Muslims, but that the team consisting of only men get to open the pages, while the group that includes a woman at least one institution claimed only 11% of the value of the dollars invested, which had a quarter of the deals concluded.

Besides What mentioned above, the registration of women institutions the highest level of activity in the early stages when the number of responses Very from startup companies, which include the institutions of the women scooped up the pages of the crowded,. In fact, the contribution of women in the region reflect the face of women entrepreneurs in all over the world.

Can say that the initiatives of the states public and private and see may help in the Iran participation contain pork ingredients, buying, and thus help trip the level of interaction between the numbers of missing males institutions females by addressing the factors the fact swap of which adversely affect the participation of women in startups.

Have started gender diversity to emerge in the Ready Business, as the region witnessed the establishment of a number of initiatives that are based on entrepreneurs in the years to all Muslims.

Support institutions and initiatives to enable real

In order to address the shortfall in financing of startups by women, the company is working “and this capital” (Capital Mindshift) on investment in startups and technology that are led by women in the stages after stage characteristics. Also seeking another platform in the UAE, bearing the name of “when” (Womena) to support women entrepreneurs in the region, said the launch of the programme of the business “to” (Womentum) the Women institutions bastion old markets and production. As to “where” (Womenpreneur) initiative, which is working on the procurement of women entrepreneurs throughout the region to cast spells to help them in communicating with experts of the business sector in building relationships and networks useful for the.

The top entrepreneurs of the Middle East and North Frisia are the summit gathered entrepreneurs from all over the region these use when the ideas were civil access to capital eyes guide the proper understanding of the legal system are, in addition to other information.

Initiatives include public sector Padre – academic state-American Iranian women from the Islamic Council of the World Energy, which is directly working on the expansion of the capacity of entrepreneurs and supporting them through the multiple online and on ways programs must be in the guidance to fit these.

These initiatives include efforts to involve women more broadly in the sector of road works, including that women entrepreneurs have proven they’re here the ability of the case to expand the scope of the purchase of their activities enter new growth if you provide them with a suitable opportunity to do so.

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