The report of the GfK confirms higher smartphone sales in 2018, up 522 million

Monitoring Report New Purchase GfK rising Curse of the smartphone sales through 2018, which reached $ 522 million, which confirmed that the smartphone sales representative for the largest share of sales ratio.


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Provided GfK is one of the competent analysis of the global markets a new report recently reviewed developments witnessed in the global markets in the sales of smart phones, coupled with the impact of sales of smart phones possible to the Giants of manufacturing a phone in height phone sales in 2018.

Have indicated GfK indicates that sales of smart phones have achieved in 2018 estimated пе522 million, an increase from smartphone sales in 2017, which had made 479 million, according to the research company.

As explained by the report of GfK increased sales achieved by the smart phones in 2018 is offset by the decrease in the number of units sold of smartphones, where a still phone manufacturers continue to decrease yearly in the number of units sold, which was confirmed by another report from institution IDC, which noted that the number of units shipped of smartphones in 2018 of up to 1.4 million units, a decrease of 4% from the units shipped in 2017.

The income grows with the decrease of the number of units that have been shipped to high level of pricing of the phones is possible in the markets, in particular, as noted in the report of GfK indicates that 12% of feature phones shipped in 2018 comes at a pricing level higher than 800$, i.e. an increase by 9% by the year 2017, a rise very fast in just one year.

Also expected, according to GfK that this figure is on the rise through 2019, particularly with the high level of pricing of the phones is possible, Where came the Samsung Galaxy S10 with an average price of $ 900 for example, while increased the price of her phone rollaway Galaxy Fold on the price level of $ 1500, where he arrived in the model to 1980 dollars.

On the other hand sees the industry users that the phone manufacturers continues to raise the level pricing possible versions of smart phones, even if you do not provide the specification and design worth it pricing darn smart phones.


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